Remuneration policy

Believing that people are the most valuable asset, Intracom is always interested in HR policy to attract talented and dedicated employees to the company.

Salary policy

Employees working at Intracom enjoy a competitive salary compared to the common level of the market and raise their salary level in accordance with the law.

Bonus policy

In addition to the agreed salary, Intracom also always has a timely reward policy to encourage and encourage employees to make efforts to contribute and develop the Company.

On holidays and Tet, Intracom also gives annual bonuses to employees depending on the Company’s business results.

Welfare regime

Employees are provided with working equipment; free parking; uniform distribution by year.

Employees are entitled to 12 days of leave/year, increasing the leave days according to seniority.

The company supports 10,000/person/lunch, applicable to employees having lunch at the building’s dining room (including probationary employees).

All employees who sign official labor contracts with Intracom are entitled to social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance benefits in accordance with state regulations.

Every year, Intracom organizes for its employees to visit and relax so that everyone has the opportunity to exchange, relax and rest.

The company also organizes annual health check-ups for staff at Phuong Dong General Hospital. In addition, grandparents, parents, children of employees are also entitled to a discount of 20% according to the list of medical examination and treatment of Phuong Dong General Hospital (including the cost of beds for treatment). inpatient treatment, but excluding consumables and drugs).

The company also regularly cares and gives gifts to employees and their families on anniversaries of the year such as: International Women’s Day, International Children’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, and employee’s filial piety days. motion.